our maltese cross key was meticulously detailed with embedded skulls inspired by the catacombs of paris and is only one of three crosses in this collection
this beautiful little lacy butterfly key is our second in this collection, not as large and much lighter than the original but every bit as detailed
this little six shooter keeps the bad guys out and get you in *please remember to always use a professional locksmith
the first question eddie munster is always asked is "do you still have wolfie"...well he does and now you can too. eddie has given him his seal of approval and...
this regal griffin seemed so appropriate to be used as a key...griffins are known for guarding treasure and priceless possessions...and now locking your own home too.
a mans home may be his castle but we all know it's the queen that keeps It from crumbling...give that women a crown.
love this little guitar, so detailed and the back is smooth so it can be engraved for the musician in you life.
the royal fleur de lis is the second fleur de lis in this collection, .. the royal is a little more delicate than the original classic but either is appropriate...
the sand dollar key, if you’re going to carry something with you everyday why not make it something beautiful.